EBO MD of Jackson moving to Indian Parkway

EBO MD, a subscription-based, direct primary care practice with four locations across Southeast Missouri, is moving its Jackson clinic from 430 West Independence Street to a new location at 1334 Indian Parkway. The clinic will temporarily close on May 1 and is scheduled to reopen in the new space in July. During this time, patients…

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Debunking Myths about Direct Primary Care Membership

Direct Primary Care membership

Direct primary care (DPC) is relatively new to the healthcare scene, so there are indeed misconceptions and myths about the model that are widely believed. But don’t believe everything you hear. To help you get to the bottom of what’s true about DPC membership and what’s totally off the wall, we’ve put together a list…

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Options in Southeast Missouri

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Southeast Missouri

The goals of hormone replacement therapy include alleviating the symptoms of hormone depletion caused by aging, stress and/or environmental factors; giving back the protective benefits that were originally provided with balanced hormone levels in your 20s and 30s; eliminating imbalanced hormones and re-establishing proper hormone balance; and maintaining the quality of your life, not just…

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Investing in Your Employees’ Health

Invest in better employee health with EBO MD, an affordable healthcare option in Southeast Missouri. Corporate memberships from $59/month.

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, and a little investment goes a long way when it comes to engaging and motivating your employees. By placing their health and wellbeing as a top priority, you can show you’re committed to them, in and out of work. Most health initiatives today focus on just physical health,…

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Direct Primary Care and Medicare

Direct primary care is an affordable healthcare option for Medicare patients in Southeast Missouri. Senior memberships start at $65/month.

A common question we hear from patients in their sixties and older is, “How can I use EBO MD with my Medicare?” It’s a good question and an important one. Let’s break down how direct primary care and Medicare can work together. Building a Bridge More than two-thirds of Medicare patients have two or more chronic…

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EBO MD welcomes nurse practitioner Gena Weinhold to Cape Girardeau, Jackson clinics

Gena Weinhold Nurse Practitioner at EBO MD

EBO MD is pleased to welcome nurse practitioner Gena Weinhold, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, to their team of primary care providers in the Cape Girardeau and Jackson clinics. Weinhold most recently worked as a primary care provider at the Veteran Affairs Community-Based Outpatient Clinic in Cape Girardeau managing patients’ chronic diseases and treating their acute conditions.…

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