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Josh Stephens, co-founder | EBO MD

COO and Co-founder Josh Stephens

Josh Stephens spent his early career in sales and marketing of mobility and technology, first as an account manager for AT&T Mobility in St. Louis and later as co-founder and owner of 360 Mobility, LLC, in Southeast Missouri. With these companies, Josh brought technology and mobility solutions to businesses across Missouri, managing nearly $35 million in telecom contracts for Fortune 1000 companies. His in-depth knowledge of networking and mobility allowed him to design and implement wireless solutions for his Fortune 500 St. Louis clients and develop an overall mobility ecosystem based on the wireless carrier solution framework as well as negotiate and implement mobility contracts with carriers on behalf of clients. At 360 Mobility, Josh introduced one of the first device buy-back programs in the nation and negotiated with the major carriers to implement similar programs nationally.

Josh later expanded his professional experience to franchise ownership with Kona Ice, LLC, where he owned and operated three franchise locations. He created new fundraising ideas and promotions and expanded partnerships with local schools, exceeding yearly goals for giveback amounts.

In 2015, Josh set his entrepreneurship sights on the healthcare space, co-founding EBO MD, LLC, a direct primary care practice in Cape Girardeau. With his business partner, he has expanded the practice into three communities and grown the client base from 100 patients to nearly 3,000 in five years. His ability to develop relationships and present creative solutions have proven instrumental in introducing this new model of healthcare to multiple communities and transforming a small direct primary care practice into a regional leader of innovative medical care.

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