EBO Staff Describing Care Options
EBO Staff Describing Care Options

Services Your care options

Our unique direct primary care model offers members unlimited visits, in-office lab and diagnostic tests, outpatient surgeries and other procedures to ensure continued wellness. Our comprehensive virtual and telehealth consultations bring a professional medical perspective into your home, work or wherever you are.

Telehealth Digital Consulting

Priority patient Total physician access

EBO MD provides total access to our physicians and other providers. You may contact your provider by telephone, email, messaging, Skype and FaceTime. Even after hours, with your membership, you have unlimited access to our telehealth services for a digital consultation with a board-certified physician. Our goal is to make contacting your provider and accessing care as easy as possible. It’s how we think custom healthcare should be done.

Telehealth Digital Consulting
Affordable Primary Care
Affordable Primary Care

Pricing transparency Affordable primary care

At EBO MD, what you see is the care you get. One of the easiest things about our healthcare model is everything is itemized and clearly priced. It may seem different, but check it out and we think you'll like this new way of providing healthcare.

Designed to be different

We are a direct primary care practice. We believe that the best primary care medicine is both personal and affordable, and that’s what we offer.

Put away your insurance card

We don’t accept insurance. This might sound shocking, but many of our patients end up saving money once they join. Keep an open mind and we think you’ll see for yourself the value of our direct primary care approach in time, money and—most importantly—your relationship with your physician.

Quality time, quality care

Did you know that most primary care doctors have 2,500-3,500 patients? We accept a limited number of patients per provider, allowing us to spend more time with each person, properly assessing which care options best fit your unique medical needs.

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A new model of primary care

Learn more about accessible and affordable care from EBO MD.