Patient Checking In
Patient Checking In

Increase benefits, reduce costs A new model for employee health and wellness

How much does it cost in productivity if an employee has to miss a whole day of work to go see a doctor? At EBO MD, healthcare providers are available 24/7. Get unlimited office visits, annual wellness exams, on-site employee wellness screenings, DoT physicals, little or no wait times for appointments plus a host of in-office procedures and testing, all for one monthly membership fee.

Give everyone on
your team a raise

With our direct primary care group membership, employees are insulated from copays and deductibles required by traditional insurance. Because of this, employees are left with more money from the savings they get with EBO MD. They're spending less on healthcare with more of their hard-earned income spent on their families.

in medicine

Our group membership starts at $59 a month per person, allowing for businesses to have company-wide membership at a low cost. Our prescriptions and service outside the membership are itemized and clearly priced so you and your employees can easily see the value in the services and products you receive. Plus, with four convenient locations and a single electronic health record, EBO MD can guarantee continuity of care.

Primary care
employees need

By offering an EBO MD membership alongside a major medical plan, employees can get most (if not all) their primary care through EBO MD so the health plan only has to cover other services such as emergency care, major surgeries and specialty procedures. Studies have shown this collaborative healthcare experience results in lower utilization of ER, urgent care and specialist services.

Introducing benefits that benefit everyone

Reach out to our business development team and find out how much EBO MD could save your company or organization in employee healthcare costs.

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