Direct Primary Care and Medicare

A common question we hear from patients in their sixties and older is, “How can I use EBO MD with my Medicare?” It’s a good question and an important one. Let’s break down how direct primary care and Medicare can work together.

Building a Bridge

More than two-thirds of Medicare patients have two or more chronic conditions. This is a population that can benefit greatly from high-quality primary care. However, Medicare is built on the fee-for-service model of payment, which creates barriers to low-cost frequent communication between healthcare providers and their patients. 

By becoming a member of a direct primary care service like EBO MD, Medicare patients can have constant contact with their healthcare provider without accruing additional fees or costs. Patients get more time with and better care from their providers.

Resolving Frustrations

The current healthcare system frustrates not only patients but also physicians. No healthcare provider wants to be second-guessed by a middleman behind a computer screen hundreds or thousands of miles from their office. 

Providers also don’t want to be limited to a certain number of minutes with a patient, because all people and ailments aren’t the same. And doctors and patients alike want the ability to follow up on treatments to ensure the best health outcomes possible. Simple as that.

EBO MD, like other direct primary care offices, seeks to resolve the flaws of our current healthcare system by providing transparent pricing and strength­ening the doctor-patient relationship for everyone.

Prescription Savings

It’s no secret that, as we age, more prescriptions are needed to make sure our bodies function properly and help us live the highest quality of life. At EBO MD, we have found that many of our Medicare-aged patients save enough on their medications through our in-house dispensary to pay for an entire year of our services. 

We list our top prescribed medications on our site, but we stock nearly 400 different medications and supplements to help any patient with their specific needs. 

In-House Lab Services

Just like with our medications and supplements, we are also able to offer affordable wholesale lab prices for all labs that need to be sent outside our office, and we pass those savings directly on to our patients. 

These lab services and their prices can be found on our website as well. 

To learn more about our special pricing for seniors or how direct primary care and Medicare work together, please call our office at 573-803-2941 or send us a message

EBO MD is not insurance coverage. We encourage patients to maintain some level of health insurance to help cover the costs of medical care that you receive from medical providers/facilities outside of our practice. Insurance will help cover costs associated with, but not limited to, prescription medications, labs, imaging (X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, etc.), specialist consultations, hospitalizations, and surgeries. 

If you have questions about how your existing insurance policy will work with direct primary care, contact your insurance provider.

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