Direct primary care for employers: Your competitive hiring edge

It goes without saying the job market is competitive these days. With so many open positions in almost every industry, job seekers don’t have to settle for anything less than exactly what they want. What does this mean for your company, and how can you stand out from the sea of businesses looking for top talent? Offering employees direct primary care memberships, like that from EBO MD, can be your competitive edge—and here’s why.

Lessens absenteeism and improves productivity

Whether a member of your team is physically absent or just mentally absent, your company can incur losses in times of illness. Productivity decreases, which increases production cost and inversely lowers your profit margin. This can also increase the workload of other team members to compensate for the slack, leading to burnout and a higher employee turnover rate. 

Employees’ poor health causes loss of production estimates at $575 billion and 1.58 billion days a year, according to the Integrated Benefits Institute and Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means that for every one dollar spent on healthcare benefits, $.61 is lost to illness and injury.

Direct primary care with EBO MD allows sick team members to visit a healthcare provider right away, either in person or virtually. Prescriptions and certain labs can be administered at the same location, allowing for a quicker recovery and return to work. All of this can be done for one low monthly cost versus several higher-cost visits that have to go through insurance.

Enhances job satisfaction and morale

It takes more than a salary to make employees happy. Direct primary care serves as a security blanket of sorts for their medical and mental health needs. This sense of security can lessen worries about getting sick and the bills that come with it, and as a result, they can focus on their job to reach their full potential. 

EBO MD’s direct primary care model manages a healthy workforce for you in terms of cost and employee satisfaction. You get quality healthcare for your employees, while they remain productive and contribute to the overall success of your company.

Less administrative work and spending

The National Health Expenditure Projections for 2020-2025 predict health spending will rise by six percent, which can be costly for you, especially if you have a business of fewer than 200 employees. Direct primary care for employers offers a membership-based package at one fixed rate paid directly to the clinic,  bypassing insurance companies. Keeping third-party providers out of the equation not only eases your workload but also allows for fewer employees to work on processing those insurance claims, lowering your overhead cost.

In 2021, it cost employers about $16,253 annually per employee to provide group health insurance for a family and $6,440 to provide coverage for an individual—and those numbers continue to rise. By partnering with EBO MD, employers in Southeast Missouri can offer better medical care to their employees at a much lower rate.

Promotes a culture of health and wellness

Your employees reflect how you manage your company and direct primary care promotes a culture of health and wellness with its various services. It’s not just for sick employees, after all. Direct primary care helps manage chronic conditions with a much lower cost and quicker visit time. This means fewer absences and improved productivity for your company, leading to a healthier and more profitable workplace.

EBO MD not only offers in-office procedures and labs but also behavior counseling, weight management services and diabetes management for its members, creating overall wellness plans for your team members. 

At the end of the day, a healthy employee is a happy and productive employee. Whether part-time or full-time, your team spends a large portion of their lives with you. When choosing who they want to spend that time with every day, make sure your company stands out with a competitive edge like direct primary care for employers.

To learn more about corporate or group memberships with EBO MD, please call Chrystal at 573-803-2941 or contact us.

EBO MD is not insurance coverage. We encourage patients to maintain some level of health insurance to help cover the costs of medical care that they receive from medical providers or facilities outside our practice. If you have questions about how your existing insurance policy will work with direct primary care, contact your insurance provider.

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