EBO MD opening fourth location in Poplar Bluff

EBO MD, a direct primary care practice headquartered in Cape Girardeau, is expanding to Poplar Bluff, Missouri, opening its fourth Southeast Missouri location at 2725 North Westwood Boulevard, Suite 4, in August. 

Providers at the new clinic are Gary L. Ward, DO, a family medicine physician with deep ties to the Poplar Bluff community; family nurse practitioner Kayla Fuller; and registered nurse Aaron Bass. Tim Hillis is the clinic’s manager and membership coordinator. 

EBO MD of Poplar Bluff will host a presale event on July 26-28 from 10 am to 6 pm in the new clinic space. Attendees can visit the new office to talk to the EBO MD staff and find out more about this new kind of primary care coming to Poplar Bluff.

The direct primary care (DPC) model of healthcare, which has been around for several years nationally and in Southeast Missouri since 2015, is a practice and payment model where patients pay their physician or practice directly in the form of periodic payments for a defined set of primary care services. 

EBO MD memberships cover full access to primary care, including physicals, wellness education, consultative services, minor procedures, care coordination and comprehensive care management, as well as savings from an onsite wholesale prescription dispensary and laboratory. There are no copays, deductibles or limits on visits and any additional service fees are at deeply discounted rates compared to traditional healthcare costs. Monthly memberships start at $79 for adults, $10 for children up to age 18, and $65 for adults older than 65. Discounted corporate memberships are also available.

By cutting out the insurance middleman, patients can take control of their healthcare without the need for copays and other insurance fees. Removing out-of-pocket costs means patients are less likely to avoid seeking care due to cost. Combined with the increased amount of time that physicians get to spend with each patient, providers can thoroughly address patients’ primary care needs as soon as they arise. This can potentially keep them from escalating into situations that require emergency or inpatient care.

“Many of our members and people from the Poplar Bluff region have been asking for years for the better primary healthcare they enjoy with EBO MD closer to home. We are proud to be able to offer our services to the Butler County community,” says Tony Thompson, EBO MD co-founder and administrator. 

The direct primary care model offered by EBO MD is a meaningful alternative to fee-for-service insurance billing. Employers can contract with EBO MD and offer membership as part of their employee healthcare benefits alongside a traditional PPO (preferred provider organization) plan. Employees can get most (if not all) of their primary care through EBO MD so the health plan only has to cover other services such as emergency care, major surgeries and specialty procedures. Because the business pays a flat fee per employee per year rather than for all charges generated over the course of the year, that cost is typically lower than the total claims cost would be—making it an attractive benefit to employers. 

To learn more about EBO MD of Poplar Bluff, call 573-872-4171 or contact us here.

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