What is Direct Primary Care?

When we say “affordable healthcare,” at EBO MD, we mean it. Our direct primary care (DPC) model cuts out the insurance middleman and puts you in control of your healthcare without the need for copays and other insurance fees. This membership-based program allows you to see a physician as many times as you need at no additional cost to you.

This new model of healthcare, which has been around for several years nationally and in Southeast Missouri since 2015 when EBO MD acquired Dr. Michael Wulfer’s practice, is a practice and payment model where patients pay their physician or practice directly in the form of periodic payments for a defined set of primary care services. 

In exchange for access to a wide range of primary care and medical administrative services, DPC practices usually charge patients a flat monthly or annual fee. The membership fee allows the patient to access a variety of primary care, including consultations, exams, care coordination and some lab services, at little or no extra cost. 

Removing out-of-pocket costs means patients are less likely to avoid seeking care due to cost. Combined with the increased amount of time that physicians get to spend with each patient, we can thoroughly address patients’ primary care needs as soon as they arise. This can potentially keep them from escalating into situations that require emergency or inpatient care.

Advantages of Direct Primary Care

Transparent Prices

In a traditional health care practice, doctors are paid based on how many people they see. ​In direct primary care, instead of paying for each visit or procedure, you pay a monthly fee. At EBO MD, individual memberships are $79 per month for adults and $10 per month for children up to age 18 added to an adult membership. Every service we offer is itemized and clearly priced—no surprises. What you see is the care you get.

Unlimited Visits

We have a saying here at EBO MD: binge on affordable healthcare just like you would on your favorite Netflix shows. With the DPC model, you can see a primary care provider for all routine and preventive services like checkups, labs, urgent care and chronic care management. This relationship and access can save you visits to the more expensive route of an emergency room.

Little to No Waiting

Our efficient scheduling focuses on your convenience and allows you to be seen with little to no wait for your appointment. We work with your schedule to get you seen by a provider at your convenience, usually the same day or the next.

Extended Time with Your Provider

A DPC model allows providers to spend more time with each patient: roughly 30-60 minutes per visit instead of 12-15 minutes per visit in a traditional clinic that relies on health insurance reimbursements. Our primary care providers take their time with you so you will never feel rushed or unheard. Many of our patients save time and money and—most importantly—experience a meaningful relationship with their physician based on trust and respect; the type of relationship every patient deserves.

Low-cost Lab and Prescriptions

Our patients benefit from substantial savings on negotiated wholesale lab prices for all labs that we must send outside our office, as well as wholesale generic prescriptions and supplements available from our dispensary. These savings translate into more affordable healthcare for you!

EBO MD is not insurance coverage. We encourage patients to maintain some level of health insurance to help cover the costs of medical care that they receive from medical providers/facilities outside of our practice. Insurance will help cover costs associated with, but not limited to, prescription medications, labs, imaging (X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, etc.), specialist consultations, hospitalizations, and surgeries. 

If you have questions about how your existing insurance policy will work with direct primary care, contact your insurance provider.

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