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Are you ready to transform your health and unlock your full potential? Look no further! Have You Been Optimized? Dr. Keele’s Guide to Better Living is here to guide you on an empowering journey toward optimal well-being.

Have You Been Optimized? is a comprehensive ebook written by local health expert Dr. Anthony Keele. Drawing upon years of research and personal experience, Dr. Keele has compiled a wealth of knowledge, strategies and practical advice to help you achieve harmony within your body and mind.

What's Inside Enjoy optimized living at any age with Dr. Keele’s Guide to Better Living

Celebrating Weight Loss
Diet Optimization

Discover the power of nutrition and how it impacts every aspect of your life. Learn how to create a personalized diet and vitamin plan tailored to your unique needs. From shopping lists to tips for eating at a restaurant, Have You Been Optimized? provides you with the tools to make informed choices and nourish your body for long-term vitality.

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Exercise Strategies

Uncover the secrets to a sustainable and effective fitness routine. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, this ebook offers a range of activity breakdowns, habit-forming techniques and scientific data to help you achieve your goals. Get ready to revitalize your body, increase strength and enhance your overall well-being.

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Hormone Balance

Understand the crucial role hormones play in your health and how imbalances can affect your daily life. Dr. Keele dives deep into the intricacies of hormone regulation, providing you with detailed descriptions of your body’s hormones and what they do for you when they are and aren’t working properly. Regain control over your energy, mood, weight and overall vitality.

From the Author Anthony Keele, MD

Anthony Keele, MD | Primary Care Doctor

From the Author Anthony Keele, MD

You can’t be on a diet forever. What you can do is change the way that you live. By taking better care of your body and optimizing its performance, you will live a healthier, more satisfying life. I know I do.”  

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