Skin Biopsy

Patient Sitting on Treatment Couch
Patient Sitting on Treatment Couch

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A skin biopsy is a procedure in which a doctor cuts and removes a small sample of skin to have it tested. This sample may help your doctor diagnose diseases such as skin cancer, infection or other skin disorders.

Which procedure you have depends on the location, size and type of area to be removed. The removed sample is usually sent to the lab where it is examined under a microscope. There are many different types of skin removal techniques, several of which are described below:

Shave Excision

This technique is used for skin samples that rise above the skin and are in the upper layer of skin. A small blade is used to remove the outermost layers of skin after the area is made numb. This technique doesn’t need stitches.

Simple Scissor Excision

This technique is also used for skin samples that rise above the skin or are in the upper layer of skin. The skin is grabbed using small forceps and lightly pulled up. Small, curved scissors will be used to carefully cut around and under the lesion. Stitches are rarely needed.

Skin Excision—Full Thickness

This technique involves removing a skin sample in the deeper levels of the skin down to the fatty layer under the skin. A small amount of normal tissue surrounding the lesion may be removed to ensure it is clear of any possible cancer cells. The area is closed with stitches. If the area is too large, a skin graft or flap of normal skin may be used to replace the skin that was removed.

In-office surgical procedures, such as a skin biopsy, gather information critical to correct diagnosis and the monitoring of conditions that can drastically affect your life. If we can do it in-house, your membership covers the cost. Any tests that must be sent out will receive the very best wholesale prices that we can negotiate for you.

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