EBO MD Partners with Biote for Hormone Optimization Therapy

Medical Director Keele a Certified Biote HRT Pellets Provider

EBO MD, the largest direct primary care provider in Southeast Missouri, announces a new partnership with Biote, the nation’s leading hormone optimization company. EBO MD medical director Dr. Anthony Keele has completed training to become a certified provider of Biote’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) method.

Hormone imbalances can have a profound impact on one’s overall well-being, often leading to a range of issues such as low libido, weight gain, reduced energy levels and mood fluctuations. Biote specializes in BHRT, a scientifically advanced approach that uses hormones structurally like those naturally present in the human body. Unlike traditional hormone therapy, BHRT closely replicates the body’s molecular structure, working harmoniously with the body’s natural chemistry.

Biote’s method of bioidentical hormone optimization therapy involves subcutaneous pellets that are inserted into the upper buttocks area during a convenient in-office visit. These pellets are personalized for each patient, with precise dosages determined through comprehensive lab work and consultations. This tailored approach ensures that patients receive the exact concentration of hormones required for optimal health and well-being. Member costs for BHRT start at $250 per dose for women and $450 for men, with dosing intervals ranging from three to six months. The dosing frequency may vary per individual, and patients will need to undergo lab work prior to beginning therapy to ensure the most effective treatment plan.

Anthony Keele, MD | Primary Care Doctor
Dr. Anthony Keele, medical director at EBO MD, has been treating patients across Southeast Missouri with hormone replacement therapy for more than 18 years. As a certified provider of the Biote bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) method, he now offers pellet therapy as part of his Optimized Living HRT program, giving patients the full range of hormone replacement options.

Individuals who have already embraced hormone optimization therapy have reported a range of benefits, including improved mood, enhanced sleep quality, increased energy levels, weight loss and enhanced muscle mass. Additionally, BHRT has been linked to restored libido and improved sexual experiences.

EBO MD will host a free informational seminar for community members to learn more about Biote and bioidentical hormone optimization therapy on Tuesday, September 5, at 5:30 p.m., at the Cape Girardeau clinic, 1417 N Mount Auburn Road, Upper Level. Space is limited, so registration is requested by calling 573-803-2941.

To learn more about direct primary care or hormone replacement therapy from EBO MD, call 573-803-2941.

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