Benefits of DPC for Employers

Companies are increasingly adopting the direct primary care (DPC) model for their employee’s healthcare for a number of reasons. DPC’s streamlined approach offers precise methods for cost control while increasing the quality of healthcare offered—all without copays or deductibles to meet. While there are many, let’s dig into just a few benefits of the DPC model for employers.

Cost Saving

Adding DPC to a benefits package provides value and savings to companies indirectly. The cost of employees’ memberships is considerably less than the high premiums that continue to increase over time. In addition, employees benefit from increased healthcare access and physician-led healthcare navigation. With many DPC clinics, including EBO MD, there are no additional costs for office visits or any copays. 

DPC memberships usually range between $30-90 a month per employee, and premium increases don’t occur as often as with traditional health insurance premiums. When using a self-funded or company-funded DPC, healthcare claims are easier to manage, and the savings for both employee and employer are significant.

Less Time Away from Work

According to the CDC, absenteeism causes a loss of production estimated at $225.8 billion a year. Chronic health conditions alone cause impaired performances costing about $211 billion annually.

DPC provides employees a high level of accessibility to a personal, concierge-like healthcare provider. This offers greater convenience with same-day in-office appointments and longer visit times. Plus, with EBO MD’s telehealth components, patients can communicate with their healthcare provider via email, phone, text or video conference from home or work. This means employees miss less time at work when needing to consult with their personal doctor. These benefits are especially valuable for employees with chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Improves Productivity

Aside from improved accessibility and longer visit times, which help strengthen the relationship members have with their healthcare providers, there are no copays or deductibles to meet, which encourages employees to see their doctor when needed. DPC helps keep employees healthy by addressing healthcare issues as they are smoldering and before they become a fire. The prevention, ongoing management and addressing of acute health issues as they arise help keep employees functioning optimally.

Helps Retain and Recruit Employees

Offering a DPC membership allows companies of any size to provide better benefits packages and helps small companies provide healthcare benefits they couldn’t otherwise afford. This applies to both existing and potential employees. By providing a DPC membership for their employees, companies can create a more robust benefits package. In addition, a DPC membership’s high level of care gives employees security and draws in the talented professionals who want the same.

Helps Promote a Healthier Work Culture

DPC isn’t just for employees who are sick. Our healthcare providers are proactive when it comes to caring for their patients, and with no copays or office charges, employees are encouraged to see their provider much earlier than with regular insurance. Offering DPC is a substantive way to show your company’s commitment to optimal health—mind, body and wallet.

EBO MD is not insurance coverage. We encourage patients to maintain some level of health insurance to help cover the costs of medical care that they receive from medical providers or facilities outside our practice.

If you have questions about how your existing insurance policy will work with direct primary care, contact your insurance provider.

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