EBO MD adds allergy treatment option for patients

Though there are 50 million allergy sufferers in the U.S., only a fraction receive treatment that can change the course of their disease. The remaining suffer with their symptoms, attempt to avoid exposure, or treat symptoms temporarily with prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. But starting December 1, allergy sufferers in Southeast Missouri have another option for treating the cause—not just the symptoms—of their allergies. 

EBO MD is bringing sublingual immunotherapy, or allergy drops, to area allergy sufferers. Like allergy injections, allergy drops help patients build long-term tolerance to substances that cause reactions by delivering small amounts of the allergen, or antigen, to the body. Instead of delivering antigen through injections, liquid drops are placed under the tongue, affecting specialized cells that teach the body to tolerate substances. 

The practice uses a thorough medical history, exam and specific testing to find out what the patient is allergic to and their level of sensitivity. “This information lets us create a custom treatment that is geared specifically to that patient’s allergy fingerprint,” says Dr. Anthony Keele, medical director for EBO MD, “allowing us to treat them in a way that’s optimal for them.”

Because allergy drops have added safety benefits, a broader range of patients can be treated. This includes young children, asthmatics, patients who can’t tolerate shots, highly sensitive patients and those with other related chronic conditions. Along with seasonal allergies, allergy drops have been shown to be effective for patients with food and mold allergies, as well as allergic asthma and eczema. 

EBO MD combines its own expertise in providing allergy treatment and the La Crosse Method™ Protocol that has been refined over 50 years of clinical and research expertise. “We base our treatment on methods that have been used to treat patients across the country effectively for more than five decades,” says Dr. Keele.

Allergy services will be available to EBO MD members starting December 1. For more information on allergy drop treatment, call 573-803-2941.

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